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Oscilloscope music visualizer

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Audio Scope is a realistic vintage CRT audio oscilloscope. It shows visualization and audio waveform of the ambient sound, music or your voice. It features CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) glow and persistence simulation and has timebase and amplification adjustment. Audio Scope App 1.5 Update, 2021-05-18, V1.5 changes: Bug-fixes and improvements.

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Wave Candy is basically a visualizer of the sound wave coming from a channel. It can be applied to any channel or the master by adding it to the FX slot in the mixer window of FL Studio. It can be used to analyze the dB range of the sound wave. You can take a snapshot of the sound wave at any time by clicking the big Hold button. The NTS-2 is an oscilloscope, tuner, FFT and spectrum analyzer that is accurate, intuitive, and incredibly useful. But that's not all - using its dual stereo IN, dual stereo THRU/OUT, and two separate OUTPUTs, you can wire it into your synth rig and use its dual waveform generators to give yourself an extra pair of oscillators or LFOs!.

Audio Spectrum Visualizer is a demonstration application for the UWP AudioVisualizer project that can be found here on github:

This paper presents an algorithm design of Music Visualization on Robot (MVR) which could automatically link the flashlight, color, and emotion through music. We call this algorithm as MVR algorithm that composed by two analyses. First, we focus on Music Signal Analysis. Second, we focus on Music Sentiment Analysis.

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